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Fortinet fsae collector agent

You can also alter default settings and settings you made during installation. These tasks are accomplished by configuring the FSSO Collector Agent, and selecting either Apply to enable the changes. At any time to refresh the FSSO Agent settings. The FSAE solution consists of two components. At least one Collector Agent must be installed on one Domain Controller, and the Domain Controllers DCAgent component must be installed on the other Domain Controllers. Install the Collector agent on the selected Domain Controller. 1. Download the latest FSAE build from. Installing the FSSO Collector Agent. 2. Configuring the Single Sign-on Agent. 3. Configuring the FortiGate unit to connect to the FSSO agent. 4. Adding a FSSO user group. 5. Adding a firewall address for the internal network. 6. Adding a security profile that includes an authentication rule. 7. Results. Providing Single.

But the Collector Agent may/is in an different site. The collector Agent does the DNS Lookup on its local system, the AD-Sync will be timely later so the IP Record is not yet set for a new record. Finally the Fortigate is connects to the Collector Agent. Wyzz A customised Forticlient (free) can do FSSO (FAC. What you can have is like 2 Collector Agents installed on two DC' s (for redundancy). Only one Collector Agent will be connected to FortiGate at any given time. If the connected Collector Agent fails for any reason, FortiGate will switch to another one down in the list. Just create one FSSO and in config enter. Configuring collector agent settings. You need to configure which domain controllers you use and which domains you monitor for user logons. You can also alter default settings and settings you made during installation. To configure the FSAE collector agent.

3 Jul Configuring FSSO ports. For FSSO to function properly a small number of TCP and UDP ports must be open through all firewalls on the network. There ports listed in this section assume the default FSSO ports are used. TCP ports for FSSO agent with client computers. Windows AD records when users log. If enabled, UAC will prompt for permission to run the setup file. Click Yes as shown below. 4. Follow through the installation. FORTINET SINGLE SIGN ON. ( FSSO) I N S T R U C T I O N S F O R I N S T A L L I N G A N D C O N F I G U R I N G. T H E C O L L E C T O R A G E N T. TYPICAL IMPLEMENTATION. Domain Controller Agent Mode - FASE agents are installed on the Domain. Controllers to monitor user logons. Information is aggregated by the collector agent and then forward to the FortiGate appliance. Polling Mode - where FSAE agent is installed on a separate server and poll user information from the authentication.


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