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Nandpro20b link

Go to the nandpro20b folder and type: * nandpro lpt: r16 * MAKE SURE THAT THE FLASH CONFIG SAYS: FlashConfig, if it doesn't, refer to troubleshooting at end of guide. * Wait patiently * If there are errors, refer to trouble shooting at end of guide. * If there are no errors, read the. 15 Oct Point "found new hardware" to the "" Windows reports: "Your new hardware is ready to use" USB Hardware: Connect only wires from EXT connectors to MAINBRD where indicated. Connect only wires from EXT connectors to Xilinx jtag connector where indicated. No resistors or diodes at all. Basically im having the same problem as this person. "I just successfully dumped my nand the other night, and after getting pretty tired I went to sleep thinking I'd save the harder part till this morning. So I download the xenon XeLL from xbins, have it all ready, type in the C:\Nandpro20b\ lpt.

30 Oct A new version of Nand Pro has been released a few days ago. It's a PC tool that allows you to read and write on the Xbox NAND via USB or LPT with some simple wiring (for LPT at least). 23 May Re: NAND-X Drivers. Yeah I think there's a post on here by joesinger47 with the right file. If you feel I have helped in anyway, please use the THANKS button or leave some REP. Click Here for My Services · All Flashing Guides · Some Handy Tutorial Links. not me>UK Console Repairs Online Superstore. 13 May All I have to do is solder it to the motherboard and I have my connection to the NAND reading and it can dump. In order to dump the NAND you will need Nandpro20b which can be downloaded on Xbins. In the Nandpro20b folder there is a prgram called "" run that to install the drivers.

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